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Reiki works holistically on the whole body, mid and spirit. It is a relaxing treatment whereby natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of the reiki practitioner to the body of the recipient.

Reiki enhances the vital energy of the recipient which facilitates the bodies own healing process. A Reiki treatment is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The healer places their hands on the body, and guides the client to open their energy centres, reconnecting you to the source. There will be calm music playing, as you relax in peaceful surroundings, letting go of all the worries and stresses of everyday life.

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Benefits of Healing

Boosts mood
May improve symptoms such as headache and tension
Promotes harmony and balance
Breaks energy blocks and balances mind, body and spirit
Better sleep

Energy Healing

The pure crystal quartz Carillon bowl is tuned into the key of David frequency which promotes a sense of wellbeing, love, balance and healing.  

This one hour facilitated session can clear emotional and energy blocks in the body, it helps you explore new states of consciousness and guides you from a sense of chaos into harmony.  Cells in chaos are unhealthy, carrying unwanted baggage and old emotions.  Cells in harmony are vibrant and light, giving the body a sense of health and happiness, and they are vibrating at a high frequency.

The Carillon Bowl moves you through a meditation as you gently hum and breathe through the high healing vibrations as they effortlessly penetrate your body to shift energy and clear your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Price List


Reiki | 1h | $149

Reiki & Facial | 1.5h | $229

Foot Reflexology | 1h | $149

Energetic Healing | 1h | $180

Carillon bowl

Frequency Healing Session | 1h | $99

CARILLION Healing Bowl

Piure Crystal Quartz

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Really love the atmosphere at SOJO and all the treatments I've tried so far have been great. Can't wait for my next appt. Thank you.
— Amanda S.