Essential Oils

34 products

34 products

Come on a journey and explore our range of essential oils and essential oil blends. All our doTERRA oils offer a range of therapeutic benefits and can create sensory experiences in your home.

Here at SOJO Essential Wellness, you can stock up on all the classic, pure essential oils that every collection needs. Think Lavender to help you relax before bed, Tea Tree to invigorate the senses and clear up those airways and of course, Peppermint, which can aid everything from headaches to digestive difficulties.

Delve deeper and discover precious ancient oils like Frankincense that can help you feel at peace. Or maybe you can pick a specialty blend by doTERRA oils that can help calm you down, soothe digestive problems and muscular aches. There are even roll on essential oils so you can take a special blend with you when you’re on the go!

Add one of our essential oil diffusers to the mix and you can enjoy your aromatherapy oils at home while you are winding down, or maybe add a couple drops of your favourite into a bath to enjoy. Or simply add a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to your cart to help dilute the oils and act as a carrier so you can apply it topically and build a collection of luxurious body care products.

Start your own essential oils collection today with our pure oil range as well as the handy little essential oil blends. Buy essential oil products online now and get it delivered straight to your door Australia wide.