Established in 2018 by Sophia Hatziandreou and Joanna Antoniou, SOJO Essential Wellness embodies a shared passion for embracing natural approaches to health and well-being. With a deep-rooted commitment to offering the finest selection of natural and organic products in Australia, we take pride in our wide range of handcrafted and ethically sourced items, spanning from essential oils and body care to skin care and lifestyle products.

As a privately owned and operated family business, SOJO Essential Wellness remains 100% Australian owned. What initially began as an online store has now evolved into the realisation of our own SOJO Wellness Centre, nestled in the vibrant Sydney area of Botany. Our centre presents a diverse array of wellness services, including invigorating infrared saunas, detoxifying and relaxing massages, transformative floatation pod experiences, optimal gut health treatments and much more.

At SOJO Essential Wellness, our unwavering belief in the power of natural self-care extends beyond product offerings. We personally incorporate our products into our own lives, attesting to their exceptional properties, and are dedicated to assisting you in becoming the best version of yourself. With warm hearts and open arms, we extend our heartfelt welcome to SOJO, where natural well-being and your journey towards self-improvement intertwine harmoniously.

With love,

Sophia & Jo xx