SOJO Wellness Centre

At SOJO Essential Wellness, we’re passionate about educating and empowering others to take their health into their own hands. This is why we’ve created the SOJO Essential Wellness Centre - a place where we help you achieve overall health - mind, body and soul. We are located in Botany, Sydney and offer an array of treatments for all likes and needs. All of our treatments include a complimentary Juice, Smoothie or  Organic herbal tea.


Keeping your Colon Clean is one of the Keys to Optimum Health, mentally, spiritually and physically. It is the place for emotional storage, the source of the enteric nervous system as well as the source of Hyrdation for the entire body. Take holistic care of your body with Colon Hyrdotherapy at SOJO with our Angel of Water Open Hydrotherapy system. Designed and manufactured in the USA it is TGA registered in Australia.  


Meditate, Centre and connect to your inner self through sensory deprivation. The SOJO Essential Wellness V-Max pods are large enough to accommodate 2 people. Our floatation pod experience is essential in improving mental health, resting and regenerating the nervous system as well  as an array of physical benefits. A float experience can assist with chronic pain and inflammation, releive stress, help with anxious feelings and assist sleep. Give Freedom from habits, and improve recovery time for athletes with a float! 


Infrared Technology does not work like a typical wet sauna but instead uses infrared panels to warm your body directly instead of heating the air around you. An Infrared Sauna can penetrate more deeply to effectively detox the body. Eliminate heavy metals, relieve joint pain and inflammation, improve circulation, rejuvenate and brighten skin, refresh and relax with an infrared Sauna.


Aromatouch is not a typical massage but a tool of aromatherapy for both physical and emotional health. Each Essential Oil used targets a different body system with a therapeutic effect. The Combination and process of the application of oils takes the body through a journey of relaxation , decreasing inflammation, increasing immunity and ultimately revitalisation.


Lymphatic massage aims to help the body maintain proper circulation, body fluid balance and assist in immune function. Lymphatic massage and compression therapy can assist in detoxing the body, weight loss, reducing excess fluid retention, decrease athletic recovery time, reduce and eliminate cellulite, prevent varicose veins, assist with poor circulation and decrease swelling.


Reiki works holistically on the whole body, mid and spirit. It is a relaxing treatment whereby natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of the reiki practitioner to the body of the recipient. Reiki enhances the vital energy of the recipient which facilitates the bodies own healing process.


Our relaxation facials and reflexology are all based around helping you become the optimum version of yourself. Let us help you drift off to a place of serenity as we help you align your mind, body and spirit through our relaxation facial and reflexology services. Browse our range of services on offer below.


Wellness Trio Package- $250

includes 1x Follow up Colonic, 1x Infrared Sauna Single,1x Floatation for 1 (Complimentary Zen Chi, Organic Tea, Smoothie and Probiotic after care, Electrolytes + take home fractionated coconut oil and doterra wild orange essential oil)

Holistic Cleanse Trio Pack - $250

includes 1x Follow up Colonic, 1x Infrared Sauna Single, 1x Aromatouch technique (Complimentary Zen Chi, Organic Tea, Smoothie, Probiotic After Care, Electrolytes + take home Sojo organic brew Liver Cleanse Tea)

Relaxation Trio Pack - $250 

includes 1x Floatation Session for 1, 1x Infrared Sauna Single, 1x Aromatouch Technique (Complimentary Zen Chi, Organic Tea, Smoothie, Electrolytes + take home Sojo Lavender Calming Bath Salts)

We also have essential oils in Centre and other natural products available for purchase that we use as part of the above services. If you’re interested, or would like to book get in contact with us today. Infrared Saunas and Floats are available to BOOK NOW 

For Aromatouch Technique, Colon Hyrdotherapy and Packages

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