SOJO Essential Wellness Centre

SOJO Essential Wellness, your gateway to a world of education, empowerment, and self-care. We believe that true health begins with knowledge. Our Centre, a haven dedicated to helping you attain holistic well-being in every aspect of your life - mind, body, and soul. Situated in Botany, just 5 minutes from Sydney Airport.


Remedial Massage

Targeted relief, we focus on addressing specific areas of tension and promoting overall well-being through tailored sessions. Recovering from an injury or simply in need of relaxation? Speak with our staff today.

Lymphatic Massage

Designed to enhance overall health, facilitates the natural flow of lymphatic fluid for effective detoxification and toxin removal. Perfect for those managing edema or seeking relief from stress.Read about the benefits below

Colon Hydrotherapy

Support your Hydration and Elimination of waste. Assists Weight, digestion, bloating and gut function. Skin care support and complexion, Reducing inflammation Support healthy digestive tract & immune system

Infrared Sauna

Eliminate heavy metals, Relieve joint pain and inflammation, Improve circulation, Rejuvenate and brighten skin. Improved sleep, Relief for sore muscles, Mental and physical well-being

Floatation Therapy

Reduce stress levels, fatigue, pain, and inflammation. Improve your physical and mental well-being, whilst boosting exercise recovery time, and help you enjoy more profound, restorative sleep.

Body Contouring

Hot and cold temperatures to target fat cells beneath the skin. All-natural, non-invasive, and pain-free. This device cools the skin, penetrating the underlying fat cells and causing them to break apart

Pregnancy Massage

Specially crafted for expectant mothers, this gentle and nurturing experience is designed to alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Anti Aging Facials

All-natural, non-invasive, and therapeutic to help slim, tighten, tone, and smooth the face and neck without downtime or pain. Contact us to hear about our packages

Normatec Compression

Targeted compression to various parts of the body. It is designed to enhance circulation, reduce swelling, and promote overall healing and recovery. Choose between legs or hips!


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