Compression Therapy


Try our Normatec Therapy in Sydney for Superior Results

Normatec Compression Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment offered at SOJO. This therapy utilizes specialized equipment, including boots and waist attachments, to provide effective and targeted compression to various parts of the body. It is designed to enhance circulation, reduce swelling, and promote overall healing and recovery.

How Normatec Compression Therapy Works

Normatec Compression Therapy works by applying controlled pressure to the affected areas. The boots and waist attachments are fitted around the specific body parts requiring treatment. The therapy involves sequential compression, where the pressure is gradually increased and released in a rhythmic pattern. This helps to mimic the natural muscle pump action, enhancing blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of Normatec Compression Therapy

Normatec Compression Therapy offers a range of benefits for individuals seeking enhanced recovery and improved well-being. Some of the key advantages include:

Improved circulation and oxygenation of tissues
Reduction of swelling and inflammation
Accelerated healing and recovery from injuries
Relief from muscle soreness and fatigue
Enhanced lymphatic drainage
Alleviation of pain and discomfort

Price List

40 Minute Sessions $49