Colon Hydrotherapy

World-Class Colon Hydrotherapy

Did you know our professionally and hygienically administered colon hydrotherapy can help clean your colon of potentially harmful waste? The process, also known as colonics or colonic cleansing involves flushing the colon with up to 60 litres of water to help remove any toxic build-up. Keeping this vital part of your digestive system clear.

Why Colonics?

A healthy digestive tract and optimal elimination help support a robust immune system. Targeting the source of the enteric nervous system and the body’s hydration, you can take holistic care of your body with colonics.

In addition, the procedure is safe when trained colon Hydrotherapists use FDA-registered and TGA Approved equipment. Book online today at the SOJO Wellness Centre.

Colonics at SOJO

The Colonic Experience

We ask you fill in all necessary forms and pre screeners prior to your arrival as our therapists would have time to review your information and help you achieving the desired outcome, as well as identifying any contraindications.

Our Open System Colonics allow the user to insert the tube and remain in complete control–you can stop the session at any time and do it at your own pace in privacy. For peace of mind, we cover you with a gown during your session to ensure modesty and preserve your dignity.

Our technique allows a small trickle of water into the colon to stimulate the colon’s natural peristaltic action gently. This activity helps soften and release build-up. In turn, removing waste may help encourage improved colon function and elimination.

We use the Angel of Water Open Hydrotherapy system at SOJO Essential Wellness. It was designed and manufactured in the USA and is TGA registered in Australia - so we can assure you of quality and safety.

Benefits of a Colonic

Supports Hydration
Elimination of waste
Occasional constipation
Assists with elimination naturally
Weight, digestion, bloating and gut function
Skin care support and complexion,
Reducing inflammation
Support healthy digestive tract & immune system

Our Colonic Packages

Whether it is your first ever treatment or first in the studio we ask you to book an initial session as this will allow for extra time in explaining the process and talking through any extra information. We usually recommend 2 follow-up appointments maintain the benefits of your therapy although everyone will have different circumstances.

To optimise your experience, consider our 3 Pack package, as this also includes one 40-minute Infrared Sauna session and a complementary Colon Cleanse Tea to support ongoing results.

Help Your Gut Support a Sounder Mind, Body, and Soul

Allow the friendly, welcoming, and qualified team at our SOJO Wellness Centre in Sydney to help you achieve your overall health goals. So, say goodbye to discomfort - leverage our gut-health-supporting colonic services today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Sanitation Assurances

Producers manufacturing advanced colon irrigation equipment comply with strict federal guidelines dictating rigorous accountability. For example, we only administer single-use rectal tubes, safely disposed of immediately after use. In addition, we comply with Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (I-ACT) standards that require the facility to be spotlessly clean and sanitised.

Our Recommendations

Colonics are not for everyone. We recommend that you call us to discuss the treatment before your booking.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This was my first experience at SOJO and I absolutely loved it!! The service was impeccable. Sophia & Joanna were such beautiful ladies, they make you feel so warm and welcome, you just settle right in. I had the Colonic Treatment, loved it
— Paola. S

Colonic FAQ

What is the procedure for colon hydrotherapy?

Open colon cleansing sessions work by inserting a disposable single-use tube into the rectum, allowing water to gently hydrate the colon, triggering natural peristalsis and activating a bowel movement. You then repeat the elimination process for approximately 35-45 minutes. The amount of waste eliminated depends on the individual client. While a colonic triggers elimination, your body will inherently know what to do given the right conditions.

What does a colonic do?

A Colonic hydrates the colon. It helps activate the colon’s natural peristalsis and triggers elimination.

How many colon sessions do I need?

In our experience, everyone is different. Just as some people exercise daily or weekly to tighten and tone the outer body, others also have their ongoing cleansing, toning, and rebuilding regimen for their digestive system. As a result, the number of sessions will depend entirely on the individual and their goals.

Is it good to do a colon cleanse?

A colon cleanse has many benefits. It helps remove debris and toxins from the colon wall, helping to improve the absorption of nutrients through the wall. It can also improve your overall health. It may help boost your hydration levels. Plus, since your body can no longer absorb leftover toxins from stressors like a poor diet and tension, you are more likely to have clearer skin.

How long will it take to clean the colon?

Depending on the client, one colon irrigation appointment at SOJO Essential Wellness will take 45 minutes to one hour. So, please leave enough time to dress and use the bathroom after your session.

The therapy has been used since ancient times, with possible advantages including better hydration, gut function, and digestion. It may help with the loosening and eliminating matter from the colon and help with occasional constipation and bloating through improved natural colonic peristalsis. In addition, the therapy may assist in weight loss, reducing inflammation, and boosting the complexion.