Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy)

Keeping your Colon clean can assist in optimum health. Colonics (also called colon hydrotherapy) can also be used as part of a regular health maintenance program.

By targeting the place for emotional storage, the source of the enteric nervous system as well as the source of hydration for the entire body, you can take holistic care of your body with colon hydrotherapy. Support a healthy lifestyle by booking online today at the SOJO Wellness Centre.

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At SOJO Essential Wellness, we use the Angel of Water Open Hydrotherapy system. It was designed and manufactured in the USA and is TGA registered in Australia - so you can be assured of the quality and safety. A colonic session is a comfortable experience for most people. Open System Colonics allow the user to insert the tube as well as remain in complete control and the session can be stopped at any time. Techniques utilized allow a small trickle of water to flow into the colon, gently stimulating the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release softened waste. The removal of waste should encourage better colon function and elimination. During a session your dignity is always maintained with a gown covering the body to ensure modesty.


Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured through compliance with strict federal guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. Disposable, single-use rectal tubes are used as well as I-ACT standards require the facility to be immaculately clean and sanitised.


Colon Hydrotherapy is not for everyone. We recommend that you call us so that we can discuss your treatment prior to your booking.


Single Session -$150 (Initial consult and colon hydrotherapy treatment)

Follow up treatment - $129 (Follow up appointment to maintain the benefits of your treatment)

Pack of 3 -$385 (Includes 1 x 40min Infrared Sauna + complementary Colon Cleanse Tea)

Call 02 9666 8619 during business hours Monday to Friday to book your consultation, or leave a message and we will get back to you the following business day. Alternatively, you can book your appointment here.


  • Supports Hydration
  • Promotes the loosening and elimination of waste matter from the colon
  • Helps with issues of occasional constipation
  • Assists with elimination through natural peristalsis in the colon
  • Absolutely safe when performed by properly trained colon hydrotherapists using FDA registered equipment
  • May assist in weight loss, digestion, bloating and gut function
  • May assist with Skin care support and complexion, reducing inflammation
  • A healthy digestive tract helps support a healthy immune system.


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Open Colon hydrotherapy sessions work by the client inserting a single use disposable tube into the rectum, whereby water softly hydrates the colon triggering the natural peristalsis and activates a bowel movement. The process of elimination is then repeated for approximately 35-45 minutes. The amount of waste that is eliminated depends on the individual client. A colonic triggers your body to eliminate but your body will do what it needs to do given the right conditions.

A Colonic Hydrates the Colon, activates the natural peristalsis of the colon and triggers elimination of any waste that may be in the colon.

Everyone is different so the number of colon hydrotherapy sessions will depend completely on the individual and his/her goals. Just as some people exercise daily or weekly to tone and tighten their outer body, some people also have their own ongoing cleansing, toning and rebuilding regimen for their inner body.

A colon cleanse has many benefits! Because the colonic removes debris and toxins from the colon wall, absorption of nutrients through the wall improves as there’s nothing blocking it. It can also improve your overall health. Plus, since your body is no longer able to absorb leftover toxins from things like bad diet and stress, you are more likely to have clearer skin. Your immune system will also be able to function properly and your hydration levels will be boosted.

A session of colon hydrotherapy at SOJO Essential Wellness will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the client. Please leave yourself enough time to dress and use the bathroom after your session.