Float Tank Therapy

Benefits of Floating Therapy

The benefits of floating tanks are numerous. They include, helping reduce stress levels, fatigue, pain, and inflammation. It can also help Improve physical and mental well-being, boost exercise recovery time, and help you enjoy more profound, restorative sleep. We are an official member of Floatation Therapy Australia so that you can float with complete peace of mind. Here’s what to expect.

Price List

Single Float

1 Hour - $99

Couples Float

1 Hour - $169

Float Pack

10 Sessions - $990 + 1 FREE Float

Float at SOJO


The Float Experience

After enjoying a complimentary juice, or organic herbal tea, we will help you determine which soundtrack you'd like to listen to in your session. We have both relaxing music, and different meditations to have in the background. You may also have no music or sounds.

Once in your private float room, you will shower before entering the pod. Once in the pod you may leave the top open or closed as well as keep the lights on or off, completely your choice and the experience you are looking for. As your float begins, your body is soaking in the water which is matched to your skin’s temperature, your ears under the water level (we provide protection) creating a lack of external stimulation to quiet your mind and body. You'll soon drift into a meditative state. After your session, you’ll leave the tank a new, more tranquil you.

Peace & Tranquility

Float Tank Therapy

Benefits To Expect

Assists pain, chronic pain & inflammation
Improves exercise recovery time
Assists in reducing stress levels
Helps improve overall mental and physical wellbeing
Helps you recover from fatigue
Enjoy a deeper, more restorative sleep

NDIS Float Therapy Sydney

Floatation Therapy is used extensively for mental health and pain management as well as anxiety and stress related disorders. Floatation therapy has also been known to aid with sleep and relaxation. The benefits of Epsom Salt are also well known. The WHO has listed it as an essential medicine, with huge benefits.

Floatation Therapy has also had many clinical research studies conducted; these can be found on the Clinical Float website, (www.clinicalfloat.org). SOJO Essential Wellness is a NDIS registered provider under the Category of ‘Innovative Community Participation’, we are also able to invoice for other services we offer under this support item as required.

Typically float therapy is claimed by NDIS participants and planners using code: 09_008_0116_6_3 This activity is used to support participants to increase social and community participation, increase choice and control as well as capacity build.

For NDIS pricing please contact the us directly at the Wellness Center on (02) 9666 8619.  Many clients pay for the service and then seek their own reimbursement from NDIS.  Alternatively, as a NDIS provider we can also invoice NDIS directly for payment.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Floating FAQ's

Who should not use the float tank?

Anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and medications with a sedative effect, who experiences claustrophobia, has epilepsy or schizophrenia. Anyone who has dyed their hair within the last 14 days or received a new tattoo, anyone with sunburn or acute skin disorders, and anybody immediately after shaving.

How often should you use float therapy?

You can use float therapy as often as you like. Floating has an accumulative effect, which means the more you float, the greater the benefits and the better you feel.

Can you sleep while floating?

Yes, you can fall asleep while in a floating tank! Because of the salty water, you’re entirely buoyant and will naturally float on the surface.

How sanitary are float tanks?

SOJO’s V-Max float tanks are well equipped with several features to maintain the cleanliness of the water. For example, the primary water filter has a stainless-steel enclosure with a replaceable ten-micron filter bag that can filter microscopic debris a quarter of the diameter of a human hair.

The system also pumps the water with a UV light array, eliminating microorganisms that may survive the water’s extreme salt content. The float tank also has a dual chemical injection system that injects natural disinfectants into the water.

Is float therapy good for anxiety?

The therapy may help lower cortisol levels and blood pressure. As a result, it may be an excellent complementary treatment for generalised anxiety disorder.

We understand that floatation therapy may be very new to you, so please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify all your doubts.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Amazing float tank experience for back pain!
— Elle K.
Customer reviews
The most beautiful health and wellness centre in Sydney! To having a relaxing infrared sauna to an even more relaxing flotation pod.. SOJO essential wellness is the place where you are treated from the inside out
— Elena K.