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116 products

At SOJO, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness and this means being aware of the whole person, including all the products we use in our lives. This is why our range of lifestyle products are free from any nasty chemicals and find their basis in natural health remedies. From herbal teas to health and recovery products, you’ll find the perfect lifestyle product at SOJO.

Our selection of organic herbal teas are the perfect addition to your day. With our range of The Bird Cage Teas, you can expect a base blend of traditional teas like green sencha and rooibos mixed with floral and fruity additions. Or you can step up your wellness with one of our very own house blends, SOJO Organic Loose Leaf Teas, that work to boost different areas of the body. From Complexion Tea to promote healthy, radiant, glowing skin right through to Liver Cleanse - a welcome aid for any overworked liver to flush out toxins. Pair a certified organic cuppa with one of our amazing scented candles, and you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time.

Continue to aid your body with health and recovery products that can help with your overall well being. The real Don Tolman Self Care range grounds itself in the 7 Principles of Health taught by ancient rulers so their products, including the bestselling Nature’s Silver Bullet, are based on natural healing remedies. Complement your health and recovery with these principles and pure essential oils like the doTERRA Ice Blue Athletic Blend designed to soothe sore parts after a long day of work.

Shop our wellness-centric lifestyle products and get your body on the right track today. Shop herbal teas, health & recovery aids and other lifestyle products and get them delivered straight to your door Australia-wide.