Roll On Essential Oils

12 products

12 products

While we know that essential oils are the perfect addition to any home, did you know that you can take essential oil products on the go as well? Roll-on essential oils are the answer to your prayers and a saviour for when you need a little pick me up or therapeutic boost while you are out.

SOJO stocks a range of high quality doTERRA roll-on essential oils that have been carefully blended to create special experiences that you can pop into your handbag. When you are feeling frazzled at work, take a deep breath and reach for the Peace Reassuring blend of vetiver root, lavender, ylang ylang and frankincense to help reconnect with and collect your thoughts. Or maybe you just need a little roll of the warming Cheer blend of wild orange, clove, star anise, lemon myrtle and nutmeg to help get you through the day.

There’s also Hope, Forgive, Past Tense and Passion to lift your mood, renew and liberate your thoughts, help you relax, and help rekindle your excitement, respectively. And that’s not even the whole roll-on essential oils collection!

The best part? These blends of pure essential oils have already been diluted in fractionated coconut oil so you can apply directly to your skin and pulse points to help with your wellness and also leave you smelling amazing. Start discovering these special essential oil blends that you can just throw into your handbag today. Shop roll-on essential oils, single blend oils and essential oil diffusers online and get them delivered straight to your door Australia wide.