Don Tolman's Nature's Silver Bullet

Don Tolman Nature's Silver Bullet

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Colloidal Silver / Fulvic Acid Mix, 2 Oz. With Glass Dropper.

Natures Silver Bullet is chemical free and consists of ultra fine, microscopic Silver and Fulvic particles in pure water for easy absorption by the body. The Fulvic coloidal form is one of the most bioavailable forms of protection as well as inhibitors and is the perfect choice for individuals who dislike additives and flavouring. It aids the immune system in its job of cleaning up bad bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

"For decades Don Tolman has been helping people understand the power of self care and self education - taking care of one's self.  For over 40 years he has been in the public arena and involved with doctors, medical groups, scientific researchers and in working with literally thousands of people who have been failed by the 'healthcare' system."

Colloidal Silver, Fulvic Acid