Bioveda Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil



Organic Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil 


Bioveda Black Sesame Oil is available as cold-pressed conventional or cold-pressed certified organic*. According to Ayurveda Black Sesame oil is tridoshic, considered the most penetrating of all vegetable oils. Excellent to use for massage as it is exceptionally moisturising and nourishing. 

Traditionally used for daily self-massage (abhyanga). Add a few drops of essential oil to create a beautiful fragrance. We recommend trying Turmeric or Yogi Oil. Apply 30 min before morning shower. Do not remove the oil with soap.

Black sesame oil is delicious in cooking all your favourite dishes and salad dressings.  

It is unfiltered to maintain maximum potency and never stored in plastic. We transport the oil from India in metal drums and pack the oil in amber glass bottles to ensure that the oil is not contaminated by toxins from plastic.


*Certified Organic by USDA and INDOCERT.