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10 products

A good cup of tea can solve almost all your problems - it can calm you down, make a great addition to your health and recovery product collection and even serve as an afternoon pick-me-up in place of a sweet treat. They’re especially enticing when they are organic and free from chemicals as well, which is what you can expect from the great selection of herbal teas available at SOJO.

With a range of caffeine-free options, you can enjoy fun, fruity and floral creations by The Bird Cage Teas at any time of the day. Brew a cup of The Centenarian to start your day off the right way - a beautiful blend of organic green tea and natural flowers that exudes sweet floral flavours. Then cure your 3.30-itis with The Red Peacock - a blend of tropical fruits and berries sweetened by organic liquorice root and natural mango. Light some beautifully scented candles to go with it and you’ve got yourself a special treat.

We also have our own house blend organic loose leaf teas that have been designed to aid the body. Need a sleep aid or maybe something to boost the immune system? SOJO Loose Leaf Teas are not only a special afternoon treat but also have plenty of health benefits. No morning is complete for us without the Elderberry Super Boost, a herbal mix that contains natural immune boosting aids like echinacea, lemon myrtle and nettle leaf. If you’re after radiant, glowing skin then our Complexion tea is for you - made from organic herbs that help promote healthier skin. And that's just a couple of our favourites - add a few different ones from the herbal tea range to round out your week.

Whether you want a wellness boost or you just love a good cuppa, our special selection of herbal teas paired with our range of wellness-centric lifestyle products  will hit the spot. Shop herbal teas and get them delivered straight to your door today Australia wide.