Secrets of A Centenarian Book


Sophia Hatziandreou

Author/ International Motivational Speaker/ Essential oil Educator

Health and Family are two of Sophia Hatziandreou's greatest values. She is a mother of 4 amazing children. A 3rd Generation Greek Australian living in Sydney.

Her Grandparents have been two of her greatest influences in life. When her grandfather Nicholas Zanapalis died on his 105th Birthday people were amazed and often asked her what his secret was.

The mystery of longevity and health is something we are seeking more and more in our modern society. But it's not a mystery. Secrets of a Centenarian is the story of how a man lived and loved for 105 years. Nicholas was an amazing example of how health and longevity can be simple. The way we eat, move, feel and think can determine not only the length of our life but also the quality.