Fulvic Humic Concentrate Supercharged Food


Supercharged Food

Fulvic Humic Concentrate drops 


  • Helps keep your gut clean and microbiome fed
  • Helps boost nutrient absorption by increasing cell permeability
  • Delivers over 70 minerals & trace elements
  • Assists in balancing & energising cells
  • Enhances your cells use of electrolytes and antioxidants
  • Natural chelation therapy
  • Strong negative ion charge helps increase absorption of key nutrients and vitamins
  • Vegan, flavourless, gluten, dairy, sugar, additive and preservative free

Serving Suggestion: Dilute 3 Drops (250mcl) in 250ml purified water or juice and consume immediately. Consume up to 3 times per day.

Ingredients: 100% fulvic humic concentrate

Made in USA, Packed in Australia