Cell food Original Concentrate


Cell Food Original Concentrate 


Journey beyond Superfood with Cellfood, the breakthrough ionic trace mineral and nutrient formula & dissolved oxygen that represents a Quantum leap in micro nutrition. Cellfood is a uniquely created formulation that contains a wide array of plant-based and sea based nutrients in colloidal form. Cellfood provides an unsurpassed nutrient delivery system that may be absorbed in the body. The original and best since 1969. Cellfood has been enjoyed by millions of people in over 94 countries for over 50 years.

Cellfood … the power of ionic trace minerals with dissolved oxygen providing you with valuable nutrition.

International Hall of Fame Advanced Technology Award winner Cellfood: is a truly unique combination of nutritional technologies. Cellfood provides a powerful, unsurpassed source of liquid nutrition and dissolved oxygen to the body containing super energised ionic minerals in the most bio-available and effective form known today.

Cellfood supplies micro nutrients to nourish the body and may help boost energy: Cellfood supplies naturally rich plant-based and sea-based micro nutrients many of which are not commonly found in today’s foods.

Cellfood delivers its nutrients in an ionic form: Because Cellfood’s nutrients are in a naturally ionic state – at an amazingly tiny 4 to 7 nanometers in size – they may be absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Cellfood offers ‘take-it-with-you’ convenience: Only Cellfood provides all these benefits in a convenient, easy-to-carry 30ml concentrate. Mix it with water or juice daily as recommended for a full 30 day supply! (1 bottle makes 22 litres)

What can Cellfood Original Concentrate do?

Cellfood provides valuable food based micro nutrition in a convenient liquid formula and is all natural, plant based and Vegan. Cellfood may help assist general wellbeing and energy by providing valuable micronutrients. Trusted and recommended by Health enthusiasts and Professionals since 1969.


How much Cellfood do I start with?

As each person’s body is unique, along with our life’s circumstances, Cellfood serving suggestions are just that … a suggestion. Start slowly, this allows the body to absorb the unique nutrients in Cellfood. Normally you would start with 1-3 drops 30 minutes before meals 3 times daily. Work your way up to the optimal serving of 24 drops daily. This may take a week or two. *Sensitive people can consume as little as one drop per day if necessary.

What other Cellfood products are available?

Cellfood has also been formulated with pure ionic Silica, providing a valuable source of micro nutrients harnessing the amazing power of Cellfood with easily absorbed Silica.

How is Cellfood Original Concentrate packaged?

Cellfood comes in a 30 ml unbreakable BPA-Free bottle that provides a 30-day supply when used as suggested.

Cellfood is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices by NuScience Corporation— an FDA-registered manufacturer with third-party cGMP certification by the Natural Product Association.