Soy Candles

12 products

12 products

Who doesn’t love candles? They are the perfect gift for someone special or just as a treat for yourself. Especially when they’re luxuriously scented soy candles that can elevate your home fragrance as well as its interior aesthetic.

Select from a range of tantalising scents or maybe even pick a few different ones out so you can have one for every occasion. Give your home a zesty pick me up with Lemongrass & Persian Lime or invite guests into a tropical oasis with Coconut & Lemongrass. Relax before bed and enjoy the cozy smells of Sandalwood & Vanilla or connect to a higher source with the flame of Frankincense. Whatever mood you’re in, our collection of soy candles has you covered.

All the beautiful scented candles we stock are made from 100% natural soy wax, which means they burn clean in your home without any harmful chemicals. Aligning with our natural approach to wellbeing and health, soy wax is a much more environmentally friendly option compared to other waxes and it has a longer burn time. It is also a better fragrance carrier! This means you’ll get a soy candle that is true to its name and scent, and you can enjoy all of the amazing essential oils that have been infused in the wax.

Add to your sensory experience at home with our essential oil diffusers to use with your essential oils or add a reed diffuser to the mix to ensure that your home smells amazing all the time. Shop our high quality range of scented soy candles today and get them delivered to your door Australia wide.