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3 products

Whether you’re looking to reduce the pain of lactic acid build up or want to re-energise your body, you can find everything you need at SOJO Essential Wellness. We have a wide range of health and recovery products that you can shop with Australia-wide shipping. From essential oil infused muscle recovery products to vitamins, we have it all!

Feeling a little flat? Need an energy boost? Then look no further than the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack. Packed with all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients you need, this health and recovery product will have you feeling better than ever before! Prefer drinking herbal teas to cleanse your body? You can find fragrant green teas, teas that will promote radiant skin and teas that make the perfect recovery drink!

If you’re struggling with muscle soreness after an intense workout, then you can also turn to our range of health and recovery products. We stock the doTERRA Ice Blue range, which is ideal for soothing sore muscles!

Shop health and recovery products, workout recovery and lifestyle products at SOJO Essential Wellness. We offer fast and Australia-wide shipping.