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40 products

40 products

There’s nothing like getting in the shower after a long day or soaking in the bath just before bed - and great bath and shower products can take that experience to the next level. We stock our own handmade and organic SOJO Essential Wellness line, as well as other great products that have been carefully selected to help with your holistic wellness journey.

Our Calming Bath Salts are a must-have if you love a relaxing bath - with some really good candles of course - to help you wind down. Made from dead sea salts and infused with pure lavender essential oil, you will be soaking in that magnesium goodness and feeling super relaxed in no time!

On the other hand, if you’re more of a shower person, our Coffee Body Scrub is an essential bathroom accessory. We hand make this organic body scrub ourselves using grinds from 100% Arabica Beans that have been farmed sustainably. It buffs away dead skin, leaving your skin feeling renewed and super soft. We also infuse this bath and shower product with essential oils to leave you smelling amazing.

SOJO believes in a holistic approach to wellness, so this means feeling good on the inside and the outside. So that’s why we have our pure essential oils collection as well as our oral care products, body care products and this handmade organic bath and shower product collection too. We’ve got you when it comes to wellness.

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